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About Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese herbs can expedite the healing process, support, and strengthen the body. The art of Chinese herbology is custom formulation specific to the individual’s needs. As the patient evolves so does their medicine. Formulas are prescribed via powdered granules, tea, tablets or capsules, or external plasters.

Herbs function independently or together with acupuncture to treat a wide variety of health conditions. It is quite effective for deep healing in both acute and chronic conditions.

The herbs used follow the highest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) worldwide standards in quality selection, proper identification, and processing; and are free from impurities and adulterations. Formulas of approximately 4-15 herbs are prescribed based on classical Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis. Herbal medicines are usually taken daily and are administered by these methods:

    • Tea. Traditional water decoction method is used by boiling and reducing the herbs to extract the medicinal properties and drunk as a tea.
    • Powdered granules. Just add hot water.
    • Tablet or capsule
    • Tincture. Generally alcohol based; some available in glycerin.
    • External plaster, poultice, liniment or soak.

For all forms, be sure to follow instructions

Classical herbal formulas are often customized for individual treatment. Their effects, based on thousands of years of experience and refinement, include the following treatment principals (with some examples):

    • Regulate and Nourish the Blood (think PMS/menstrual discomfort)
    • Move Qi and Blood Stagnation (think pain)
    • Tonify Qi (think fatigue)
    • Warm the Interior (think arthritis that’s worse in winter)
    • Calm the Spirit (think anxiety/stress/depression/insomnia)
    • Clear Wind Cold/Heat (think colds and flu)
    • Resolve Dampness (think stuffy nose/sinuses, or edema)
    • Transform Phlegm and Stop Cough
    • Relieve Food Stagnation