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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my acupuncture treatment?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and feel free to jot down any questions you may have. Bring a list of the medicines and nutritional supplements you are taking, and any pertinent medical reports you may have.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Sensations are various. Some may feel a minor pinching sensation with insertion, or a dull, heavy sensation when the body’s Qi responds. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin, disposable stainless steel, that are used only once. They are a fraction of the size of hypodermic needles used for injection. Most people grow accustomed to acupuncture very quickly and have a positive, relaxing experience.

Is acupuncture compatible with western medicine? Should I consult with my doctor before receiving acupuncture treatments?

Yes, acupuncture is compatible with western medicine. Whatever health modalities you may be involved in, it is always helpful to have your health team communicating with each other so all are on the same page.

My lower back is really tight. I have been getting massage treatment and it has helped somewhat. Is it okay to continue with massage therapy when I start receiving acupuncture treatments?

Most likely yes, but there are some cases where massage is counter-productive. A physical exam is necessary and it’s best to have both parties speak with each other first as a precaution.

My right knee is tweaked and swollen. Any idea how many acupuncture treatments I’ll need before I can get back on the tennis courts?

All first visits include a consultation and physical exam to assess the severity of the condition. From there we can determine the plan of action for your speedy recovery and get you back on the courts as soon as possible.

What is Qi?

Pronounced “chee,” it is the intrinsic motive force in living things. Qi leads the movement of bodily substances such as blood and fluids. It is also responsible for neural and chemical impulses throughout the body and in every cell. Some simply translate Qi as energy, but its dynamic quality has intelligence and purpose. Without Qi, we’re just a bag of bones with nowhere to go.

Are herbs safe?

All herbs are aquired from experienced American herbal companies that ensure the safety, quality, and correct species identification. The herbs undergo rigorous third party testing and follow the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard. Endangered species are not utilized.